A Gursky photo

Above: A Gursky photo. Credit: Andreas Gursky.

Gursky? Seriously?

Vincent Honore and Cliff Lauson have begun their tenure as Hayward Gallery curators with a pointless stinker of an exhibition. Gursky? Seriously? So boring, so irrelevant. Thirty years ago, Gursky burst onto the art scene with his massive over-framed photos of pin-sharp panoramic views. Thirty years later, a similar picture quality can be achieved by anyone with a 4K UHD camera. Astonishing resolution is just not that astonishing anymore. But this is not just-another-bad-show-at-the-Hayward (ticket price an outrageous £16), it is more than that: it is a definite waste of the space. Maybe there is actually something ideological in the Gursky decision, an implicit reinforcement to the art audience: photography is really a dull, dull medium.

(3 February 2018)