Flying fun

Above: An amateur invention: the drone-mounted pistol. Credit: Hogwit.

Flying Gun

There is is something compelling in the image of a drone-mounted flying gun: it is a Virilian machine par excellence. The gun becomes just another remote-controlled device--not really different from one's washing machine or central heating thermostat. The flying gun suggests ghost armies of the future: a soft whir is all that the enemy hears moments before an onslaught begins. Equally, the flying gun seems to me to be an updating of Michael Powell's "killing camera" as featured in his movie Peeping Tom. In that film the protagonist stabbed his female victims to death with a sword-like bayonet mounted on the end of his movie-camera lens. (After the killing he would watch the victim's "death scene" over and over in his private screening room.) In the Hogwit video it is not clear if there is a camera mounted on the drone, but this is really a short-step. The technology is in place now for remote-control assassinations and phantom Special Forces.

(4 February 2018)